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Cabrera’s Truck Trailer Repair LLC is a family-owned full-service diesel charging trucks maintenance and repair company handling all of your truck needs. With more than five years of truck and trailer repair experience, our professionals have got what it needs to deliver a highly professional, trustworthy, and competent service. At Cabrera’s, we’re proud of our achievements throughout the years. We started from one customer, and now we’ve turned into a corporate and LLC company.

Our mission is simple: to provide remarkable services to our customers every hour of the day. Our promise to offer loyalty, reasonable prices, and deliver professional results makes us stand apart in the truck maintenance and repair industry. We help each traveler return to the roads in a better state than they arrived.

We’ve hired an incredible team combined with professionals and friendly individuals who not only do the job right but also keep you engaged throughout the process. We are passionate about parts, learning new techniques, and fulfilling clients’ needs. We provide routine maintenance services and also respond to emergency repair situations. Our prompt service works its way to solve your problems in no time. Whatever your needs, whether you are a fleet operator or an individual, Cabrera Truck Trailer Repair meets and exceeds your expectations at a fair price.

Cabrera team is dedicated to providing the most exemplary customer service possible. Our comprehensive repair services include oil change, emission problems, body changes, repairing air conditioning, preventive maintenance, DPF cleaning, and brake and exhaust repairs. With our 24/7 road service, we won’t let you get stuck anywhere on the road.

For more information, get in touch with our customer service representatives. We’ll assist you in your journey.


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Cabreras Truck Trailer Repair LLC

Cabreras Truck Trailer Repair LLC